esse quam videri
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poem/future song inspired by Kenneth Burke

Learning things in school is actually really useful.

What is man? What is man? But a…
Love using, love-making, love-misusing animal
Inventor of the negative, revolving our lives around what we can’t do
But unknowingly, we can, with the Truth
Purely innate with us
Naturally, emphatically
But why do we separate ourselves from this - our natural condition?
Our purity, our sanctity - torn from us by instruments of our own making
Why do we complicate life unnecessarily?
Constantly scoping who’s above us, who’s below us
Why can’t we just let ourselves be?
The human fruit, rotten with perfection
This is man. This is man. Infinite desires.
But with infinite desires must come Infinite Satisfaction

Jehovah, Jehovah, our Infinite Satisfaction
Our day star, our sunlight, our lifeline


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